Company Profile

Quantum was launched thirty seven years ago to fill a gap in the market for quality electronic ancillary products for the cryogenic and transport industry. Mechanical solutions were becoming increasingly unable to provide the accuracy and durability needed by our customers and Quantum Production has become the standard throughout the world in electronic monitoring of cryogenic liquids, gas safety monitoring, temperature and pressure control devices for the transport industry. Quantum Production sets the standard in quality, reliability and durability so that our customers can focus on their real business without having to worry about whether biological samples are safe, temperatures are correct or laboratory vessels are empty.

In 2005 the company expanded in to new production facility just outside Oxford. In 2009 Quantum opened a second facility, its new head office in Devon.

Quantum while not losing sight of its foundation goals, has moved forward in integrating the latest technology. 2009 will see significant new ranges of gas monitoring prducts, new microprocessor based temperature and level control systems and web based logging/interrogation of Bio Storage freezers. Installation and servicing is being significantly expanded and complete system design has become fundamental to offer customers a fully integrated solution.


Registered in Wales No. 1538194

Registered Office: Claremont House, Deans Court, Bicester, OX26 6BW

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